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The evolution of Asset Wizard and a companion to Blender’s Asset Browser helps you to manage your assets in an easy, comfortable way. Check out how Asset Wizard Pro will help you.

Export from current file directly into your Asset Library

Just select the target library file and hit the export button. No need loading the corresponding Asset Library File, append the Asset, mark it, save and return. AWP will do this for you automatically.

You can export single objects (meshes and volumes), all selected objects as batch export, collections, materials and shader- and geometry node groups. The created or extended library file is well organized. For each exported material, a plane with this material is created and added to the scene. Objects, groups and material-planes are clearly managed in individual collections and were automatically placed in a grid.

Preview image generation

On export, AWP creates fancy looking preview images (except for nodes). This may take a while, but your assets will look much better.

Easily update your existing Asset Libraries

Apply the features of AWP to the libraries you already have created. This includes updating the preview images and automatic grid placement.

If you’ve already created libraries for Blender’s Asset Browser, load them, select the Assets to update and hit the Update Previews button. (Please note that preview rendering is speed up in this video. AWP can’t magically exceed Cycles )

Shader and Geometry Node Groups

Node Groups are handled in a special, useful way. All Node Groups from your libraries are available in the Import tools panel, as well as on the pie menus that ship with Asset Wizard Pro. They are categorized by the first Asset Tag, which has a simple, special role in the export panel. See it in action.

Pie Menus

Both the Geometry and Shader node editor get a pie menu, that helps you during creating new, fantastic setups.

Unique Export Menus, wherever needed

Export menus are available in 3D View, shader nodes editor and geometry nodes editor. All share the same structure and settings. Just the bottom part is tailored to fit to the current space.

Following a short overview about the options. All controls have a useful tooltip, so you will never been lost.

Features added to Version 1.1

  • Image File Packing: When starting an Export, AWP searches for all used Images, which are not already packed. You can select which images you want to pack aside the Asset into the Library. No more missing external Dependencies!
  • Tools Panel: The new Tools Panel currently has two Features:
    • Image Cleanup: Searches for identical Images (by Binary Data, not just Path) and updates all references to a single Instance, packed Images are preferered. On next Save, Duplicates were removed.
    • Batch Import Blend: Select a Bunch of .blend Files, AWP will Import the selected Types of Assets. Specific to Material Import: If Material Preview is enabled, a simple Plane for each Material is created, so you easily find out what Materials are useful to export into your Library.
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